Simplify your communications no matter where your staff are working to create a productive, mobile and efficient workforce.

Every small business owner knows the struggle of going head-to-head against the largest companies around. How can you not only compete, but excel beyond everyone’s expectations? The best way to start is by adopting the same voice, contact center, and teamwork applications the big box stores use to get their work done by upgrading to unified communications with UC7.

Strengthen your game with auto attendant, smart call routing, HD voice and video conferencing, mobility capabilities, online desktop and file sharing, secure instant messaging and presence, and so much more. UC7 delivers modern features that help you look big on a small budget. The best part: everything is available for a predictable monthly service fee, with no capital investment required

Multiple locations, mobile staff?

Stop worrying about costly maintenance on multiple, standalone PBXs or key systems and start simplifying your IT operations. With UC7, you can easily give each employee the same tools for voice, video and file-sharing, regardless of where they work.
Business Collaboration Tools

Business Collaboration Tools

Multiple Operating system compatibility

Multiple OS Platform Compatibility

Talk / Chat / Video / Share

Talk / Chat / Video / Share

Scales from 1 - 500+ users

Scales from 1-500+ users

Be Agile

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, we’re all looking for cost advantages. With UC7, teams inside and outside your company can collaborate seamlessly to deliver stellar levels of service. Add remote experts or partners to your call center routing strategy, send secure instant messages to collect status details, and even work together as a single virtual team in a collaborative online workspace.

UC7 lets you share documents and messages, conduct voice and video conferences, assign tasks and track progress just as if your partners were on your payroll.

Manage the peaks & troughs of business

Unlike on-site PBX hardware, UC7 doesn’t lock you into a fixed capacity. You can scale to meet demand by paying as you go for precisely what you need.

That means you can easily stand up new branch offices and add lines for new permanent or seasonal employees – without having to fund a major hardware investment. All you need are either desk phones, mobile devices or headsets that connect to a PC. If your business hits a rough spot and you have fewer employees, it’s easy to reduce your number of licenses and save some money.