UC7 allows you to be on the move and stay connected to your customers.

UC7 offers a unified communication service built with tradespeople in mind.  Stay connected to your customers and other team members with  voice, instant messaging, video calls, file sharing, and collaboration tools under one system.
UC7 unified communication on mobile phone

Features & Benefits

Inbound & Outbound numbers
Keep your mobile number private! Your customers will be able to contact your business on a single number. Distribute phone calls from a single incoming telephone number to a group of several phone lines.

Reduce Operating Costs
Reduced operating costs such as travel and mobile call cost and enable your staff to communicate more efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Manage Customer Enquires
Better manage customer enquiries and telephone sales processes using our range of convenient features including on-hold, auto-assistants and more
Use your existing devices

Use your existing mobile devices

Stay connected

Stay connected


Talk / Chat / Video / Share

Lower your costs

Lower your costs

Connect your team

Whether you have one office, or a team of people working for you on-site, everyone is connected to one system.

Centralise your staff as though they were in one place, and stay in touch with each other at the fraction of the cost of some other communications solutions.