UC7 for Real Estate

UC7 allows greater insight across all interactions, giving you the data, you need to make better decisions in your Real Estate business.

With the growing use of digital across all industries, the need to be anticipate changing customer expectations is essential. Without a complete set of data across all customer and employee interactions, you might miss an opportunity to solve an emerging customer issue. UC7 provides the Real Estate industry with a truly unified cloud-based communications platform for "on the road" & "in the office" coupled with contact centre, and analytics.
Download the Real Estate Call Recording Use Case
Download the Real Estate Call Recording Use Case

Unified Communication for the Real Estate industry

Connects staff wherever they are located, at anytime

Improved Reliability
With no more dropped calls or unreliable connections you can be confident your business is working even when you're not.

Reduced Costs
With no expensive setup fees and reduced phone costs
Improved customer experience across all communication

Improved customer experience across all communication

Multiple OS Compatibility

Multiple OS Platform Compatibility

Talk / Chat / Video / Share

Talk / Chat / Video / Share

Designed for 1 - 500+ users

Designed for 1 - 500+ Users

This fully managed solution has been designed to meet modern business demands

UC7 is a powerful platform that is deployed in geographically redundant cloud-based servers in Sydney and Melbourne. It hosts unified communications and collaboration features designed to make your business work more efficiently.