UC7 for Retailers

Your phone system is the front door to your business. Can you afford for customers or suppliers to not be able to get in contact with you?

Unfortunately, owning your own hardware means a greater risk of outages – especially as equipment ages. With UC7, communication services are delivered from highly secure data centers built for uninterrupted service. Even if your store is damaged by fire or flood, you can stay in touch with your team, plan your recovery strategy and keep customers updated on where they can find you. 

Retailers of all sizes are ditching their PBX and moving to cloud telephony services.  With UC7 you also get powerful new features that help you make the most out of your existing resources.

Unified Communication for retail businesses

With UC7, you have easy access to lots of advanced features that can change how you get things done:

Set up hunt groups so calls are routed directly to a department or to the next available person in your store. 

Use online workspaces to consolidate, store and share important information. Post pictures of new merchandise, resumes of job candidates, work schedules or team assignments for your annual inventory. 

Reduce additional costs from other vendors by consolidating your bill with one service provider. 
Advanced call routing features

Advanced routing features

Multiple OS Platform Compatibility

Multiple OS Platform Compatibility

Talk / Chat / Video / Share

Talk / Chat / Video / Share

Centrally managed - cloud based

Centrally managed - Cloud based

Banish Phone Tag

With UC7, your office phone line follows you anywhere – inside your store and out. You remain reachable whether you are walking the store aisles, out of the office for an important meeting, in your home office, or traveling to see new merchandise. 

Simply port your phone number to any smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. You can make and receive important calls just as if you were at your desk. Time-consuming phone tag comes to an end, and you can get more done in less time.

Multi site locations

Many multiple site locations leverage existing technology that’s already been set up by their landlords. When you open sites by buying retail sites out of their leases, taking over their telephony and internet systems might seem like the easy choice.

But multi-site chains need to be smart about leveraging their assets, personnel and inventory across all of their sites. You can eliminate a lot of communications issues by streamlining these legacy systems and different local systems with one major service provider.