The appeal of scalable, call recording cloud services

Cloud-based call recording delivers all the typical cloud benefits – leading security, storage at scale, no capital purchase, pay for use and ease of management.

When it comes to choosing a cloud call recording service, it’s more important than ever to plan for the future, as well as consider the needs you have today.

For example, a real estate agent may benefit from call recording software that allows them to ensure sales agents stay compliant with price quoting regulations right now. For the future they may benefit from voice artificial intelligence (AI), that will alert them when a tenant, vendor or buyer experience becomes negative, allowing them to quickly remediate the situation. Read our real estate use case here.

Today, many companies exploring the possibilities of call recording software will also need to select a strategy that’s compatible with their Unified Communications solution.

Introducing cloud-based call recording with UC7

Cloud-based call recording software is available as an optional extra with UC7. Provided by Dubber, it delivers all the traditional functionality of call recording (and more), without the common problems of traditional solutions.

This solution can be fully integrated with UC7, and delivers a number of benefits including:

  • No on-premises equipment required. Call recording can be deployed rapidly, and installed without the need for capital expenditure
  • Automatically scales itself as required, on demand. This means that for the first time, call recording is accessible to organisations of all sizes
  • Allows companies to capture communications from anywhere, on any platform, and any device.

About Dubber

Dubber is a true native cloud product. This means it is built on flexible technology that supports the needs of ever-changing businesses and customers. Native cloud products offer all the benefits of the cloud because they’re built in the cloud and for the cloud. They’re inherently stable, scalable, and easy to maintain.

When integrated with UC7, Dubber call recording offers businesses of all sizes security, unlimited scalability, rapid deployment and no upfront costs. Through an ‘as-a-service’ and usage model, it enables effective recording with minimal on-going management.

A myriad of new applications and benefits

This fully integrated solution delivers value beyond base economics and performance. It gives companies the ability to open new possibilities and deliver added-value services to users. It allows customers to think about capturing voice data in a way which they may have never previously considered, opening up a myriad of extra applications and benefits.

Cloud call-recording services can potentially benefit a huge number of new use-cases. For example: with it, the phone can finally disconnect from a notepad and pen. See the difference call recording can make for the hospitality industry.

We chose Dubber because it can deliver scalable call-recording and playback to any user, on any platform. As the only platform to include mobile, the attraction of high-quality, cloud-based call recording services goes up a few notches for organisations adopting flexible, modern-workplace practices.

To read more about the benefits of cloud-based call recording read here.