Traditional call recording vs cloud-based services

Call recording is a common requirement for regulatory compliance and contact centres. While many companies might prefer to record every call, the substantial investment required to deploy and maintain an on-premises, enterprise-wide recording solution is often a barrier to that goal.

Traditional call recording requires bulky, on-premises equipment to operate. The recording hardware is accompanied by security issues, large up-front costs and limited scalability. Because of the costs and need for security, traditional call recording has mostly been available and accessible only to large enterprises and corporations.

Enter cloud-based call recording

Cloud-based call recording completely changes the paradigm – providing an affordable, flexible and optimal business solution. Businesses of any size can now keep a record of their conversations at an affordable cost and capture their calls at the touch of a button.

Some of the benefits include:

Get every order right

Details taken over the phone can be replayed to ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately. These records can also prove vital for dispute resolution, when calls can be replayed to find out exactly what was said, and action can quickly be taken to resolve the situation.

Keep colleagues connected

Make sure that everyone can benefit from ideas shared during a conference call by recording the entire conversation. This allows anyone who wasn’t available to catch up, and acts as a reminder for those who were able to attend.

Stay on top of compliance

Capture calls made on both fixed-line and mobile phones ensuring all communications are recorded. With seven year archiving and unlimited storage capacity, users are able to meet the secure storage needs for the majority of regulatory requirements.

The future of the contact centre

Call recording can be switched on within days and communications can be captured directly from the network, without the need for on-premises equipment. Advanced security permissions can be established within teams, making calls accessible only to admins, supervisors, and the individual users who made the calls.

Release the power of voice data

Artificial intelligence in call recording can transform everyday phone calls into valuable data assets for both businesses and individuals. Businesses can examine their customer communications to increase their understanding of their interactions and discover areas of potential improvement.

Transform business practices

Data analysis is where call recording is a game-changer. The ability to identify trends over time can give organisations the insight they need to improve their business practices.

Integrate with your CRM

Harness the power of data held within your communications. With call recording, businesses can better target their marketing campaigns, and gain insight into potential opportunities for improvement and development.

UC7 uses Dubber cloud call recording. It will give you the flexibility you need to ensure that your business can adapt and evolve as you continue to grow and change.

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