Upgrading your phone system – the 7 questions to ask

  • Can you add or remove users during the service contract?
  • Do you have to pay for devices or for users?
  • Is the call quality going to be the same?
  • Are there any exit clauses in the service contract?
  • Do you have to rent the phones for longer than the service contract?
  • What’s included in the minutes bundle?
  • Does the system offer web-based user self-administration?

New software-based communications solutions don’t need dedicated hardware in the storeroom or data closet anymore, because the entire system runs in the cloud. In many instances, “hard phones” such as your desk phone are not even required. New phone solutions often include a “soft phone” or “client” that runs on many different devices, such as your PC, tablet or smartphone. This means you can add or remove users whenever you need to and what’s more, you don’t have to pay for an additional device, such as the now-redundant desk phone.

Chances are when you bought your last phone system you ended up over specifying it because you had to buy it in specific configurations. In the cloud, you just buy what you need – no more, no less. If you need more capability in the future, you just add it. You only pay for what you use today and add more users as your business grows.

Most cloud phone services come with a fixed minutes and user plan. You pay a certain amount for the user and the minutes come with it. That’s it – end of costs concerns.

You may have added offices over a number of years and inherited different phone systems that work in different ways. With the cloud, all the systems work the same everywhere. So your offices, mobile workers and remote workers will all have access to the same powerful range of features. With a cloud-based phone system, you can work from anywhere, and the call quality will be excellent. Your customers will never know the difference. With cloud, all remote sites can be easily managed from a central location without a large number of field personnel.

Cloud systems integrate with your IT systems so you can simply click to call out of a web page or directory listing. With cloud, all your management is performed simply via a web interface, putting you in control with ease. Everything is totally intuitive to the extent that you will probably forget about pressing phone buttons within a few days of getting your new system. These systems are also integrated with major cloud-based CRM and customer support applications enabling your business to be more efficient.

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