Direct Messages

People can get in touch with you in UC7 by sending messages directly to you. When you do, that conversation remains between the two of you. You can't add other people to the conversation later.

There are two ways to send a message:

  1. Click the + button and select New Message
  2. Enter the name or email address of the contact


  1. Enter the name or email address of the contact in the Universal Search bar
  2. Click the Messages or Contacts icon to narrow your results and make the appropriate selection

That’s it! Once you’ve found your contact, type your message in the chat bar and hit enter. And, don’t forget you can always see your chat history so the next time you message that person, your conversation picks up right where you've left it.

Unread Messages

When you have unread messages, there will be a red badge on the Messages icon in the navigation pane with a number.

Any message that appears in bold indicates that you have new messages waiting. Simply select the message to read it. After you read the message, the bold font is removed from the name, letting you know that you're now up-to-date.

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